Photographs by Paul Vladuchick
Veterans Bridge - I-579 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Gallery Opening was a Success!

On Sunday, October 14th we opened the Gallery at Studio 101. THANK YOU to everyone who made the trip down (which, for some even included crossing a few rivers. :-) ) to see the opening. We had a really wonderful time and I was really was touched by how many came down. You guys are the best!

The photos will be on display at Studio 101 until the end of November, so if you couldn't make it down to see them and wanted to, you still can, but you missed the party. It was a GOOD party too.

If you couldn't make it but wanted to see which images were selected for the gallery OR 

If you wanted to order a print that you saw at the gallery for you or someone else click the button below.  You can choose the size from 8 x 12 all the way up to 24 x 36 on most of the prints.

A PDF of the gallery notes is available HERE

Gallery Opening Party 10/14/2018

Welcome to my website. My name is Paul. 

I currently live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and while not originally from Pittsburgh, have strong family ties to the area and have visited frequently before moving here after college. This city has become my home. 

I am currently focused on two major photographic projects as highlighted below. I am always open to new projects both large and small. Please feel free to contact me via the link above. 

City and Urban Landscapes of Pittsburgh

While many photographers take fantastic photos of the city and surrounding areas, I am attempting to show the beauty of Pittsburgh in new and interesting ways. I often use long exposures and / or multiple images to capture details and colors that usually require advanced planning and significant experimentation.

The images contained within the Pittsburgh Gallery are for sale. Click the "BUY" button on each of the images to see options as far as sizes and prices. Fulfillment takes about a week.

Additionally, commercial licensing is available on all of the city images. Please contact me for details.

Follow me on Facebook @PJVPGH (Paul Vladuchick Photography).

Social and Competitive Dance Photography

My wife and I got into social ballroom dancing several years ago. During the first major social dance we went to (me, having nearly no idea what I was doing) noticed that no one was taking any photos of what was obviously a lot of friendly people having a really good time.

Each dance has its own folder in which is contained a gallery for each event.

Photos are usually added within a few days of the event.

I post links to each gallery on facebook at @PJVDance.

A full calendar of social dancing in Pittsburgh is located HERE

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