My main artistic efforts over the past several years has been to show the City of Pittsburgh as a modern, vibrant and beautiful city that has progressed beyond solely a heavy industry based economy into a diverse economy ranging from technology development to World class medical facilities and just about everything in-between. For those who live in the region still, these images serve to celebrate our home and to remind ourselves that we all live in a really unique and wonderful place. To those who use to live in Pittsburgh before the economic diaspora of the 1970s and 1980s, these images hopefully show how much the city has changed since the days of smoke and smog from miles of blast furnaces lining the river banks. And lastly, for those who have not visited Pittsburgh or known little about it, these images hopefully show that Pittsburgh is a dynamic, beautiful, and interesting destination for travel.

I have opted to attempt to show the city from lesser known vantage points that result in a much more unique view of the city which, even to people who live here, often offer a fresh view of the city. By exploring the city and trying to find these locations has let me visit places of the city I would probably not have traveled to and meet people that I probably wouldn’t have met.

Taking the photos at night (or before sunrise) allows the vibrancy of the colors of the city to show. In doing so it makes the photographic process significantly more difficult. These images are a composite of five to nine exposures each in order to capture the details in the shadows as well as the bright lights of the buildings. This results in not knowing exactly how the image will look until the processing is finished. This uncertainty is reminiscent of the days of shooting with film and each shot is an experiment. There are more failures than successes. Each success represents a near magical combination of patience, persistence, planning and luck.

TL;DR Pittsburgh is a beautiful city and I want everyone to know that. I want to remind the people who live here. I want to show the people who moved away how beautiful the city has become. And I want to show those who never have been to Pittsburgh what they are missing. I take photos at night because you can’t get these type of photos during the day. These images are composites using several different exposures and processed together. This results in many images that aren’t that good.

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