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My name is Paul and I live near Pittsburgh. I spend most of my time photographing in and near the city trying to capture the incredible beauty of the city.

Below are larger versions of the images that I used in the facebook ad. Click on each of them to see them full screen and order prints if you are so inclined.

Over to the right is the full gallery of ALL of my Pittsburgh Photos. 

Just as a note: I am usually adding 2 to 5 images of the city per week so check back often or better yet, follow me over on my facebook page  @PJVPGH.

  • December 30, 2018: The Day Pittsburgh (briefly) Became Cleveland Browns Fans

    For a few beautiful, but very odd minutes at the end of their victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, the entire city of Pittsburgh became ardent fans of the Cleveland Browns. Additionally, in this brief, but all too real reality odd things happened: Primanti Sandwiches were made with Slymans Corned Beef and Heinz Ketchup and Bertmans Mustard were applied on Italian sausages across the two valleys. Moments later it all ended and the reality that we knew before had returned.

  • Roberto Clemente Bridge, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

    The temperature is dropped outside and I headed down to take some photos in and around Pittsburgh. Instead of heading over to one of the overlooks, I decided to stop by the stadiums and try to shoot a few of the bridges. This was the best one that came out of the shoot. Didn't stay too long since it was so cold and I wasn't quite dressed properly. Prints are available.

  • Skyline from Parkway North

    Over the walkway and through the hole in the fence there is an absolutely beautiful view of the city.

  • Highways through Pittsburgh

    The sunset was gorgeous tonight and I totally missed it. I got this instead. I think it came out pretty good.

  • Sunrise on the Allegheny River - Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

    I really have a hard time getting up early enough to get photos like this. When I do, it's always GLORIOUS.

  • Pittsburgh Sunrise. Cloudy. Gray.

    Pittsburgh is a cloudy city. Despite the clouds and never-ending gray, the city shines through as one of my most beautiful (though I may be biased) skylines in the country.

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