Slideshows - Paul Vladuchick

Over the last year or so I've created a relatively large number of photos of the city and though it would be nice to put together a number of slide shows that allow me to showcase both my work and the city in a bit of a different way. So here we are: these are the slideshows that I've created with my works. 

Currently I am planning on creating a new slide show per month (or so) and then release a big one at the end of the year, kind of like a highlight reel. Please feel free to share these on social media if you like.  

Any recommendations on what images I should include, music recommendations or anything else are always welcome. Drop me a link at the contact form above or leave a comment on my @PJVPGH facebook page. I would love to hear from you.

2019 End Of Year

2019 January

Best of 2018

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